Pizza Corner Palm - Pizza Taglio

This year we have reinvented our beach bar and PIZZA CORNER PALM by Hotel Spa Montecarlo Roses has been born.  You can find us on the Santa Margarita Roses Beach, on the terrace of the Hotel Spa Montecarlo Roses.  In this new space you can find pizzas al taglio (cut) of different tastes, hot dogs, homemade sandwiches, sandwiches and all kinds of pastries, we also have all kinds of soft drinks.  In the ice cream section we incorporate the well-known ARTESANS SOLER brand POLO.        

Virtual visit Hotel Spa Montecarlo Roses

Virtual visit - Hotel Spa Montecarlo Roses   A few days ago, we carried out with the Virtualia company, a virtual tour of the Hotel Montecarlo where you can observe and explore all the corners of the hotel. On this visit you can see all the common areas of the hotel and the Spa, encourage us to start seeing the entire route. At different points of the visit, you will find information points about the hotel such as our massage and treatment menu or different views of the hotel's sea-view rooms.        

Come and enjoy Roses and its surroundings, by mountain bike ...

In low season the town of Roses offers a multitude of activities to do with family or friends, during the week or the weekend. At the Hotel Montecarlo, we have been welcoming and continuing to welcome road cyclists for years, mostly belonging to French clubs. Of the activity that today we talk about is mountain biking or mountain biking, Roses and its surroundings offers routes of all levels, with high levels for experienced people or without slopes for people with a medium level. The routes that we offer you are revised routes and practically in their totality they are realized by ways and / or trails. All routes are loop routes and begin and end near the Hotel Montecarlo. All of them trave[...]

LES FUSTES Restaurant Buffet Hotel&Spa Montecarlo Roses

Every day you can enjoy our all-you-can-eat buffet with a variety of salads, starters, hot dishes and show cooking. Open every day from 1:00pm until 3:00pm and from 8:00pm until 10:00pm, it is recommended to access it before 2:30pm to enjoy all our dishes.   For only 23€ per person, water and wine included.

Music at the Montecarlo Hotel in Roses

The summer season begins and along with it the music on our terrace. Starting June 18, 2018, come and dance at the Montecarlo Hotel from 9pm until midnight. Every Sunday, Monday and Wednesday, music with Andreu Rivero. On Tuesdays, performance by Gemma and Blanca, our feminine duet. On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, music by Joan Bram with its keyboard and saxophone.

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